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Total Number of Donors. June 30, 2010

Every 1 Counts: The Million Dollar Alumni Challenge


You did it!

Every 1 counted! In fact, every one of the 1,983 new alumni donors who stepped forward helped Susquehanna claim $1.1 million via the Board of Trustees challenge:

  • The board released $1 million of their pledge after 1,500 new alumni donors accepted the initial Every1Counts Challenge and made gifts between Jan. 1 and May 27.
  • Another $100,000 was earned when nearly 500 additional alumni made gifts in challenge overtime.
Board Members

Susquehanna University‚Äôs Board of Trustees appreciates that nearly 2,000 alumni stepped forward to make Every1Counts: The Million Dollar Alumni Challenge a great success.

Up to the Challenge

We are grateful to all alumni who chose to make a gift since Jan. 1 to help meet The Million Dollar Alumni Challenge. More than 1,700 alumni made gifts prior to Jan. 1, providing the foundation for the trustees to launch this challenge. Thank you to the more than 3,600 donors who have secured $1.1 million in new gifts for Susquehanna.

And now, 150 new alumni donors can help secure another $100,000 if they make a gift by June 30. Will you be 1 who helps SU get this additional $100,000?

These alumni were up to the challenge. Will you be 1 who helps SU get an additional $100,000?

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